Access and Transport

Transport Assessment


To ensure that the proposed development can be fully integrated into the existing local highway network,  extensive scoping discussions have taken place with Highways Officers at St Helens Borough Council. During these conversations, it has been agreed that a Transport Assessment should be undertaken, modelling and assessing 14 high profile junctions in the Borough. These junctions are as follows:


  • A580 East Lancashire Road / A571 Green Leach Road signalised junction;
  • A580 East Lancashire Road / City Road junction;
  • A580 East Lancashire Road / A570 Rainford Road signalised junction (Windle Island);
  • City Road / Washway Lane priority junction;
  • Washway Lane / Flamco UK Spur priority junction;
  • Washway Lane / Scafell Road three-arm roundabout;
  • Washway Lane / A571 Green Leach Lane / A571 Haresfinch View three-arm roundabout;
  • A571 Haresfinch View / Haresfinch Road / Woodlands Road three-arm roundabout;
  • Woodlands Road / Islands Brow three-arm roundabout;
  • City Road / Bishop Road / Windle City priority junction;
  • City Road / Oldfield Street priority junction;
  • A571 College Street / Cowley Street / Swift Street priority junction;
  • The Landings roundabout junction; and
  • A58 Linkway West / Westfield Street / A570 Kirkland Street roundabout junction.

Due the sustainable location of the site, alongside the permeability and its phasing, the findings of the Transport Assessment demonstrate that the proposals will not result in a severe impact on the local highway network. A copy of the Transport Assessment will be submitted alongside the planning application and will be available to download at this juncture.




It is proposed to create multiple new accesses for gaining vehicular, pedestrian and cycle access to the site, all of which have been designed in accordance with the St Helens Council’s Street Design Guide and national design codes.


Access to the site is proposed from the following locations:

  • Washway Lane;
  • Former Pilkington’s Glass Access on College Street;
  • Oldfield Road/City Road;
  • Cowley Street/Albert Street; and
  • Cowley Street (opposite Victoria Street).

In addition to the new access locations, the wider Masterplan provides sustainable infrastructure, providing connections to the wider St Helens area. This includes the installation of cycleways, pedestrian crossings and wide, well-lit footways.


You can view the Masterplan, which sets out the access points, on ‘The Proposals’ page.