The Proposals

Following a first stage of public consultation earlier in the year, the development team reviewed the feedback submitted and prepared a draft Masterplan for the site.
A second phase of public consultation on this Masterplan ran between Friday 18th October and Monday 11th November and the development team is in the process of analysing the feedback received. It is BXB Cowley Hill Ltd’s intention to submit this Masterplan towards the end of the year, with planning permission expected to be sought for:

  • Spanning 75 acres of residential land and 30 acres of open space, the Masterplan will have the ability to provide for up to 1,250 new homes across four phases;
  • Up to 4,850sqm of mixed use commercial floorspace;
  • Demolition of remaining structures on site together with ground remodelling, site remediation and ancillary works;
  • New areas of green infrastructure and public open space;
  • Sustainable drainage system (SuDS) including attenuation ponds; and
  • New vehicular access off Washway Lane.

BXB Cowley Hill Ltd will undertake the enabling, remedial, and engineering works on the site once planning permission has been secured. Following this, BXB Cowley Hill Ltd will then work in partnership with a housebuilder, who will build out the residential units. The indicative delivery program is estimated to be brought forward over in four phases as indicated on the phasing map below.

Phase one of the development will begin at plot one, where the site meets Cowley Street. It is envisaged that this phase will tie into the existing urban streetscape and comprise of a townhouse style of housing units, which are suited for first time buyers and the Private Rented Sector. The scale of the site provides the opportunity to offer a wide range of housing products, comprising of family and retirement housing at differing densities, across future phases. See plan below

Whilst BXB is seeking outline planning permission, an indicative Masterplan displaying how the new homes could appear can be found below. Should planning permission be secured, BXB Cowley Hill’s selected housebuilder will submit detailed planning applications for each phase of the site. These applications will seek to agree the housing numbers, the layout and the detailed design of each phase. See plan below