The Site

Cowley Hill Works has an industrial history, with manufacturing taking place on site since the 1890s. Following the emergence of new technologies and consolidation of Pilkington’s activity on site, 104 acres of former industrial land at the Cowley Hill Works is surplus to operational requirements. This land has now been purchased by BXB Cowley Hill Ltd for the purposes of housing regeneration.


The onsite coating facility, operated by Pilkington’s and which sits on 40 acres of land to the west of the site, will continue to operate. The proceeds from the sale of the land to BXB Cowley Hill Ltd will be utilised by NSG Group (Pilkington’s Parent Company) as part of its ongoing commitment to St Helens. BXB Cowley Hill Ltd and NSG Group will work hand in hand during the site’s transition.


The remaining redundant and unproductive land presently comprises mainly unused buildings, waste ground and old railway sidings. The land has been underused for over 10 years and is currently inaccessible to the general public.


Cowley Hill Works is the largest brownfield allocation within the emerging St Helens Borough Council Local Development Plan and the delivery of new housing at this location will help to reduce pressure on the local Green Belt land by providing housing at what is considered a sustainable location.


Due to the historical manufacturing practices which took place on site, the Cowley Hill Works has a range of environmental constraints. Against this background, significant investment will be required to ensure these development constraints can be removed to ensure that the land can come forward for development in accordance with modern environmental requirements.


As brownfield regeneration specialists, BXB Cowley Hill Works Ltd has purchased the site with the ambitions addressing these issues and delivering a phased program of development, which will ensure the delivery of new housing in partnership with stakeholders.